Manual for Trainers

The My e-Start Manual for Trainers provides adult trainers and educators with resources and tools to train and support adults to use the My e-Start platform and enhance their digital skills in general. The manual and the accompanying slide decks are available to download in the following languages:

The manual includes an overview of the main digital competences in all participating countries, an introduction to the most popular e-government and e-commerce services, while it also familiarizes educators with the DigiComp Framework and how the e-course responds to specific competence areas and levels of the framework. The manual provides a detailed support structure for educators to use in order to integrate the online course into face-to-face sessions. As well as an introductory lesson, for each module there is a lesson plan which takes a blended learning approach – each with an accompanying slide deck. These resources, framework activities and discussions to help learners reinforce, extend and reflect on their knowledge and skills for the online world.

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