Final conference – My e-Start joins forces with the REVEAL conference

From 13 – 15 September 2022, My e-Start joins forces with 9 other projects to organise the 14th REVEAL conference in Göttingen, Germany.

Our motto is “Open Learning and Development Spaces for Sustainability and Community Development”.

European projects as well as local communities are invited to join in this new conference format – we will talk less and experiment more!

My e-Start as well as other European and local projects and initiatives will present their tangible products and prototypes in a special exhibition format and let you experience them, try them out in transnational teams along an active exhibition circuit.

Those of you who are interested in modern arts can win tickets for the documenta exhibition which is taking place in its final week in Kassel these days – hence why don’t you stay longer for this trip?

Click here for the programme and the link to the registration or register directly to the conference.