My e-Start – The official start

E-services, such as e-Government and e-Commerce save time and provide significant benefits for citizens, governments and businesses alike. As such, there can be considerable savings, greater transparency or a generally easier and more convenient way of managing administrative tasks.

The increasing trend of internet usage does not automatically lead to an increase in digital skills. Moreover, the continually expanding access to the internet leads to an even bigger ‘digital gap’. Disadvantaged groups of people, in particular, are suffering under the growing gap and need help in acquiring the relevant skills necessary for using e-services.

My e-Start is a two-year project that will develope an extremely simple online course and a user-friendly e-platform adapted to the specific needs of a target group particularly vulnerable to digital exclusion, namely the elderly, disadvantaged individuals with low education and training levels and people with a migration background.

On October 21, 2020, the partnership will meet for the first time and take the initial steps to conduct comprehensive research to identify the most needed competencies in dealing with e-Commerce and e-Government services.